Colin Kaepernick v The Flag.  

Much has been said … Much has been said about Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest in sitting during the national anthem. Some applaud his actions as conscience-driven while others angrily condemn him as un-American and assert his actions should be punished. This ongoing story has been divisive and it has stirred up much debate and vitriol. Can we find any common ground with this issue, or will it just further entrench both sides? Has or will anything positive come of Kaepernick’s actions?   This all began on August 26th during a pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers when Kaepernick, a  quarterback…


Kids for Cash Judges Tied Up

Court records show that children were denied their right to counsel, given maximum sentencing under an inflated “zero tolerance” policy, and the judges either ignored the recommendations of probation officers or pressured them into recommending detention instead of release, all to fill prison beds and earn kick-backs on the backs of the children.