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Florida Government Adds Fuel to Anti-LGBT fire.

It was only a month ago that 49 people were killed in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. Forty-nine people shot dead by a hate-filled man seeking to terrorize the LGBT community. Thoughts and Prayers While the reactions to this have been as varied as the different groups responding, Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, and attorney general, Pam Bondi, were right out front with heartfelt pleas for the country to pay attention to them. Bondi said that anyone who attacks anyone in our state will be “gone after” to the fullest extent of the law. Meanwhile Scott prayed to God and…



A typical facebook conversation about bigotry

Social Justice Warrior to the rescue!! Someone posted another one of those comparisons between a soldier and Caitlyn Jenner to make the whole, “she’s not a hero argument. Then someone replied. I became irritated with their response and the scintillating follow-ups and I rode it hard and long: Guy: Bruce Jenner is delusional Daniel Valencia: A truly empathic and informed contribution Guy: The chromosomes don’t lie. Daniel Valencia: What do you actually know about chromosomes? Or delusion? Or empathy? Or sexuality, gender, gender spectrum, gender norms, etc, etc, etc, etc. What do you know besides you think it’s weird so…