Inkst magazine was started, fitfully, in mid May. The first post was published in early June. The initial goals were to get legal and established as a not-for-profit publication and crystalize the mission statement.

The main purpose of the magazine is to publish and publicize traditional, ethical journalism; promote critical thinking and effective argumentation; and bring to the reader editorial and opinion that clarifies and brings meaning to important stories. We want to do this for the casual and sophisticated reader.

Inkst also wants to be a partner to education creating educational materials, establishing formal and informal internships for writers, journalists, and anyone interested in civic awareness and civic action.

We don’t intend to cover most day-to-day stories. We will mainly cover news events and media that can inform subjects of importance to all citizens.

We are a heavily left-leaning publication, but we are eager to showcase and work with logical and ethical voices from other political affiliations. We understand that the health of he democracy and the vigor or our own ideals depends upon frequent challenge and discussion.

Because we’re working from the ground up, without initial financial assistance, we are moving in calculated steps.

Now we need contributors. We need people who want to get involved because they share our ideals and think that both parties will be enriched and empowered by the relationship.

Please read what’s under the contributor menu and consider getting involved. If your questions aren’t answered there, write us at the address below or fill out the contact form, OR comment.


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