Help Wanted

This is your opportunity to be an integral and valuable part of something positive and affirming. Get in on the ground floor and really see your effort make a difference.

Desperately Seeking Compatriots

Hi, I’m Inkst Magazine. I like long, moonlit walks on google, lively debate over a home-cooked web design, and pampering my bots. I’ve got big dreams and a big imagination. I want to make the world a better place and teach the power of a free press and a well-informed electorate.

I’m desperately seeking curious, intellectually restless, self-reflective and conscientious types who want to rock all of the barnacles off the boat. You’re sometimes angry that you actually feel like people make you defensive for giving a damn. You somehow manage to be told that you’re too serious one minute chastised for not taking things seriously enough the next.

We’ll get together, have a few laughs…

We are actively looking for writers, editors, and assistants to help grow the magazine and work on mutual goals.

This is what it could look like, maybe you take part in weekly meetings to help refine ideas and plans of action, proofread five articles a week and write a blog. Maybe you help iron on coding on wordpress for three hours a week and submit game reviews. Maybe you write a weekly blog or maybe you influence every aspect of operations.

We need help with every aspect of content and operations. Articles, blogs, art, graphics, photography, research, fact-checking, web-design, copy-editing, web design and maintenance, promotion, etc. We are looking for writers,  journalists, editors, scholars, scientist, lawyers, teachers, people with specific qualifications and people no qualifications.

You can come to us with your ideas or run with one of ours. If your idea seems to fit, we want it. If it seems outside the box, we definitely want it.

If you don’t think you have any applicable skills or qualifications but want to be involved with something like this, there are a lot of ways you can help. There is a lot that needs doing that requires nothing more than the ability to type on a computer.

You can contribute in more than one way. You can write a regular personal blog and advise us on science matters, for example, or whatever your expertise involves. You can write political reviews and do research or fact checking or copy editing.

To learn more about us, read the About page and our mission statement. We update and add to them regularly.

You can also read the editor’s blog, especially the first post, which discusses the term “inkst.”

Writers, artists, cartoonists, and photographers looking for information should then go the content page.

Anyone who wants to join the staff in any capacity should then go to the to do list.


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