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Do you want to be involved in a magazine or a politically and socially active group? Are you looking for experience in this field for educational or career advancement? Do you feel connected to our mission statement? Do you think we’ll grow and provide you with gratifying part time or full time work? Do you think that together we can be an agent for positive change? We’re looking to fill many roles as we rapidly move through the initial steps of publication and production.

There’s two ways to approach this. We’ll use both because it will help cover all the bases. At the end of this description there is a to do list of the basic actions that need to be taken, once or repeatedly. Then there is a list of staff positions, roles within a magazine to be fulfilled. There is a lot of overlap between the two lists, but they’ll speak to a wide range of sensibilities.

We are a start-up non-profit. It’s our goal eventually to have a paid staff and to pay for contributions, but for now we can only offer references, experience, bylines, a masthead, support for your interests, and all the swag we can muster.

For the time being it’s most realistic for us to hope for two basic types of “staffers,” people that can offer to fulfill a role for a handful of hours a week or month and people who can offer 10-20 plus hours a week that can fulfill two or more roles.

Anyone who has the time and inclination to support us with a large number of hours can be taught and trained in various roles. This can be considered a volunteer or internship positions and course credit can be established with your educational institution. It can also be considered a professional position to put on a professional resume.

Some roles, however, require professionals and experts in the field.

If you haven’t already, please read our mission statement and the about page to better understand what we hope to achieve.


To do list (things we need to grow)

  • edit and proofread articles
  • regular meetings to
    • discuss and vet ideas,
    • brainstorm new ideas,
    • and engage in collaborative problem solving.
  • check facts and information presented in articles
  • help with wordpress programming, design, trouble-shooting
  • help with SEO and google analytics
  • help with organizing data
  • help get information, interviews, etc
  • get content in all departments, especially news
  •  research and information gathering
  • answer research questions
  • conduct polls and surveys
  • help with various office duties
  • moderate comments sections and social media
  • promote the magazine by:
    • publicizing articles and posts in relevant places
    • spreading the word informally
    • sharing articles on social media
    • distributing flyers, stickers, etc in different locations
  • help organize article ideas and correspondence
  • come up with and execute ideas to attract readers, get high profile interviews, and build relationships with other media
  • recruit more contributors
  • finish all not-for-profit, corporate, and tax paperwork, etc
  • set up for paid sponsorships, advertising
  • figure out things like patreon and explore those possibilities for money
  • explore next steps into video and audio podcasting


Staff Positions

  • contributor
  • staff writer
  • contributing editor
  • research assistant
  • fact-checker
  • managing editor
  • editorial assistant
  • copy editor
  • designer
  • advertising rep
  • legal assistant
  • subject experts (law, science, underwater basket weaving, etc)
  • bringer of many positive affirmations

For more on staff positions, refer to the staff page.

For all the ways you can contact us, visit the contact page.

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