Writers, artists, and photographers wanted.

I see two types of writing out there right now. Good writing and “content.” Most of the good writing appears to be saved for the real world, print magazines and books and sometimes online versions of those, and most of the content is happening online where site owners are trying to “monetize content.”

We have a very specific, if broad, mission statement, and that can’t be served with content. We’re looking for decent and decent writing, meaning good, competent writing that is responsible and passionate. You don’t need to be the best writer if you are helping us fulfill the mission statement, which is to promote the cause of a free press, develop critical thinking and popularize the idea of civic awareness and responsibility and civic action.

What we want:

Writers, journalists, activists, cartoonists, artists, photographers, digital manipulators, etcetera wanted.

Whether you have something you think will a good fit for the magazine or you’d like us to give you ideas, whether you want to contribute one piece or become a regular contributor, contact us.

The best way to know what we want or understand our sensibilities is to read the magazine.

Then read the department page. It explains what we’re trying to do and what we’re looking for in each category.

If you want to write, this will give you a sense of what might be an appropriate approach and tone, but keep in mind that we are open to differing perspectives, even opposing viewpoints. We will offer a voice to rational and constructive conservative voices.

If you want to contribute art or pictures, we will regularly need graphics for articles. We would love to publish more photojournalism (okay, any photojournalism). We will publish cartoons with articles or own their own. We will collaborate or find collaborators if you want to publish pictures or graphics of any type but need to anchor with a matching article or supplemental text.

We can’t possibly confront all possibilities here. If your idea seems to fit, we want it. If it seems outside the box, we definitely want it.

What to Do

Read our articles, read the departments page, read the guidelines, and contact us.

Keep in mind, we’re not just about pushing a publication, we are looking to educate and empower current and future voices. Your humble editor has years of writing, editing, and teaching experience and enjoys taking the time to help people even if it won’t necessarily promote the needs of the magazine, because the needs of the magazine are primarily to promote the needs of the readers and writers who will inform positive political debate.


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